All deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable. If you request to attend a different training date for any reason, another deposit must be submitted. Please be sure of your availability before you select a specific training date.
K. Lombardi Brand does not require a license to attend our training workshop. However, we do encourage all prospective students to check with their local cosmetology board and professional licensing department for requirements within their state before registering.
Here at K. Lombardi Brand, our trainings go beyond the workshop. After successfully completing 30hrs of extensive training, you will receive your certificate of completion. Further details will be released during training.
Yes, in order to effectively and efficiently gain knowledge from our training workshop a model is required. We strongly suggest an individual whom you are comfortable with as he/she will provide constructive criticism.
Training location is only released to registered students. All training workshops are located in a central area for students who may travel from various states.